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Adonis Corveas (Cuba) – foto credit: TBS, fotograf: Ovidiu Matiu

Introducing Adonis Corveas

 Adonis Corveas Martínez was born in La Havana, Cuba in October 1996. He started his ballet training, at the age of 8, at the Escuela Elemental de Ballet Alejo Carpent, where he studied for five years. During those five years, he had the chance to work with Silvia Rodríguez who trained him for the Concurso Internacional de Ballet de La Habana.

Then, he joined the National Ballet School of Cuba at 14 years old, and trained there for 3 years. There, he was trained by many teachers, such as Ramona de Saa.  After his graduation, he joined the National Ballet of Cuba, and performed with the company for 5 years. In Cuba he had the chance to dance many roles in many different classical and contemporary pieces. He had the opportunity to dance soloist roles like Swan Lake: Rothbart, Nutcracker: Spanish dance, Cinderella: Spanish dance,…He travelled around the world with the company, in many countries in America, Europe, Asia,….

In 2019, Adonis Corveas Martínez joined the Sibiu Ballet Theater, where he is enjoying his first season. He already had the chance to work on different pieces like Barococo Party ( by Sergiu Anghel), but also classical repertoire like Swan Lake and Nutcracker. 



More about Adonis:

Adonis is a strong chocolate lover and a very cheerful person. He his also very kind with animals, especially dogs because they remind him of his own dog in Cuba. He is really close to his family and loves to spend time with them and his friends.