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Alba Fernández (Spain) – foto credit: TBS, fotograf: Ovidiu Matiu

Introducing Alba Fernández

Born in La Rioja, Spain, Alba started dancing from the age of 3, as a young girl she was primarily dedicated to rhythmic gymnastics, competing successfully nationally.

At the age of 15 she moved to Madrid to start her full-time ballet training, following in her older sisters’ footsteps who also danced. Alba started at the school Rojas and Rodriguez, and at the „Instituto Universitario de Danza Alicia Alonso”.

In 2014 Alba entered the Royal Mariemma Conservatory in Madrid performing solo roles in the Larreal Company. Her carrer highlight is performing Myrtha in Giselle. She graduated in 2019 and joined Sibiu Ballet Theatre in September 2019.

At the company she had performed Corp of balet in „Swan Lake”, „The Nutcracker”, „Baroccoco Party” in the production of Sergiu Anghel, different Ballet Galas, and „Fragile” and „Four Seasons” in the productions of Aleisha Gardener.

Her first demi soloist roles was „Mirlitons” in The Nutcracker, and „Four little swans” in „Swan Lake”.

You may not know:
Alba loves spending time with the people she loves, mountain trips, reading and watching films and tv series. She is currently studying a career in Sociology.
Her favorite ballet is the Lady of the Camellias.

Instagram: afernandezr97