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Andreea Simionaș (Romania) – foto credit: TBS, fotograf: Ovidiu Matiu

Introducing Andreea Simionas

Born in Huedin, Romania, Andreea was an active child involved in karate, judo and playing the violin and the piano. She began dancing at the age of 9 at the Liceul de Coregrafie si Arta Dramatica O. Stroia din Cluj-Napoca.

Andreea danced with Opera Romana Cluj Romania, Opera Maghiara Cluj Romania, Teatrul de Balet Cluj Napoca before joining Teatrul de Balet Sibiu in 2011.
Andreea has won the Gold Medal at the Regional Ballet Competition and the Bronze Medal at the National Ballet Competition in Romania and was accepted to the Vienna Ballet Summer Workshop.

Since joining the Teatrul de Balet Sibiu, Andreea has toured with the company around Europe and to South Korea and has performed many soloist roles including, Spanish ‘The Nutcracker,’ Summer pas de deux, ‘Four Seasons,’ Pas de Quatre ‘Straussiana,’ soloist rhino’s ‘Trilogy,’ solo drums ‘La Bayadere,’ trio ‘Peer Gynt.’

You may not know:
Andreea loves rock music and being in the nature. She also spent 5 months dancing on a cruise ship.